Walter is 1 month

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We made it 1 month so far with 2 kids and it is fun watching the 2 of them together already! Walter doesn’t do much but Louie is sooo sweet with him. Louie loves to give him kisses and push him in the rocker and the swing but definitely needs to be reminded to be gentle! When Walter cries, louie says “uh-oh” which makes for a real interesting car ride! All I can do is laugh sometimes…actaully a lot of times other wise I would go crazy! Walter has been a really good baby so far and sleeping like a champ….even at night! With all his sleeping we have been able to get out of the house almost everyday! Louie definitely needs to get out of the house or maybe I just need to get him out of the house because he is literally in to everything!!!!! What is the point of even buying toys!
We had Wally’s 1 month checkup today and he is over 10lbs…growing like a champ and eating like a champ! He is very easygoing as he loves the stroller, carrier, car and makes no fuss whereever we go!
Last weekend we went to the beach a few times! Louie absolutely loved the sand and water…Wally stayed in the carrier, I didnt think he would enjoy the cold water or sand yet! Louie is a little water bug and it is soo much fun to watch him having so much fun in the warm weather.
It has been a great month so far, however challenging at times! We are looking forward to enjoying the rest of the summer outdoors at the parks, street fests, beach, and in the neighborhood!

Wally had quite the array of 1 month pictures…I know this won’t last each month so I will have to choose which one I like best! But I can’t wait to watch him grow…but not tooo fast as I just love snuggling and cuddling with the little peanut 🙂

We love you Louie and Wally and enjoy watching you grow and change each and every day!


Family of 4

Here are some pics of us welcoming Walter James! We also captured some great pictures of when Louie came to meet Wally…it was just too sweet!!! There are also some random ones from the past few weeks! We are having fun but I think Louie wishes he could play with him. He is always running up and talking to Wally and I think he thinks he is going to get up and play!
Enjoy the pictures!